Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learning about Locked-in Retirement Accounts

Every industry uses a set of acronyms and the financial industry is no different.  When is comes to Locked in accounts, there are LIRAs and LIFs.

What are locked-in accounts?

Locked in accounts are simply money that originates from a pension plan.  As long as you are employed by a company or organization with a pension, you money stays in that pension.  There are two kinds of pension plans – defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans.

But when you leave that company, you may have the choice to move the money into a personal plan.  Many people assume you can move pension money into a RRSP but that can only happen if it is a relatively small amount of money.

To read more about LIRAs and LIFs, read the whole article at Canadian Finance Blog.

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